Workshop on Attacks in Cryptography 7

WAC7 is an affiliated event at Crypto 2024 on Sunday, August 18, 2024 at University of California, Santa Barbara.

workshop description

Cryptography is often thought of as the bright spot of practical security, a mathematical paradise where security can be rigorously proven and issues like buffer overflows are in someone else’s department. However, there is a growing community of researchers who regularly find serious flaws in widely deployed cryptographic implementations and protocols. In recent years, this type of research has mostly been published in systems security conferences. This workshop will bring together researchers who work on cryptographic attacks and provide a showcase of their work for the Crypto community. This is the sixth edition of the WAC workshop, which was established by Nadia Heninger.

date and location

Date: Sunday, August 18, 2024



call for talks

WAC accepts proposals for contributed talks. Submissions will be evaluated based on their relevance to the following topics:

Your submission should identify the topic of the talk, briefly motivate the relevance to the target audience, and specify the speaker. The selection is made by the workshop organizers based on real-world impact and interest to the audience. Moreover, WAC values high-quality talks and therefore recommends submissions to describe relevant experiences of the intended speaker (e.g., by linking to the recording of a previous talk).

We aim to give most contributed talks 30-minute slots, including questions. However, we may decide to allocate shorter or longer slots depending on the number of exciting submissions and their relevance to the workshop theme. Accepted speakers are expected to give their talk in person at WAC. Unfortunately, WAC does not have sponsoring available to help people attend (if you want to help fund people to attend, please reach out!).

Unlike for CRYPTO, there are no proceedings at WAC and we do not publish papers. This means that we accept talks on both unpublished work and work published at other venues. If the talk is based on a paper, please also submit the paper – as well as links to any available recordings of associated talks – as supplementary material. Your proposal will only be viewed by the organizers and any ideas therein will be kept confidential. If your talk is based on a paper that is in submission or under disclosure, please let us know so that we can coordinate when the details of your talk can be made public. (Latest on the day of the workshop.)

submission format

Please include the following information in your contributed talk submission.

  1. Title.
  2. Description of the talk content, including:
    • short abstract (to be published on the website on talk acceptance),
    • and one of the following three:
      • extended abstract describing the talk. [preferred option]
      • a full paper and a short description of which aspects the talk will focus on.
      • slides for a presentation, together with either speaker notes or a short outline of the non-visual content of the talk.
  3. Speaker information:
    • Name
    • Affiliation
    • Short bio (to be published on the website on talk acceptance)
    • A brief description of the relevant experience of the speaker, e.g. links to previous talks.

Submit your proposal by email to the organizers at wac@cryptanalysis.fun by May 17, 2024 AoE.


Select WAC7 under “affiliated events” when registering for Crypto 2024.


Contact us by email to wac@cryptanalysis.fun.

Miro Haller
University of California, San Diego
Keegan Ryan
University of California, San Diego